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Getting The Apple ][e on the web.

Got the Apple ][e onto the web to check out the nice Hackaday Retro edition today. It is basically working with the serial interface I mentioned in a previous post here, a knock off of the famous Apple Super Serial Card from a time when serial interfaces were an option on a computer and not […]

Bringing an Apple IIe and Peripherals Back to Life. Part Two. Fun with the Apple II Super Serial Card!.

So after the fun and success of getting a drive system working for the old Apple IIe, I decided to see if I could increase the performance of the external i/o to the Macintosh I was using as a host computer, for disk image transfer, dumb terminaling, etc. At that point my only io to […]

Bringing an Apple IIe and Peripherals Back to Life. Part One.

For my birthday this year my awesome wife Ash bought me an 128k Apple IIe, Apple Monochrome Monitor, a Disk II System, a box of 10 5.25″ diskettes, and a parallel printer card. It looked like the set was in pretty nice condition. It had no significant signs of abuse, no missing keys, and the […]