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Nintendo Hooked 3DS Owners Up Today

Today the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program went into effect for lucky 3DS early adopters. Hidden away under ‘Your Downloads’ under the ‘Settings / Other’ section of the Nintendo eShop are your cool new NES downloads and a program called ‘Ambassador Certificate.’ Under that obscure eShop location you can eh hem ‘re-download’ your new titles. So far as I can see: ‘Metroid’, ‘Yoshi’, ‘Zelda’, ‘Zelda II’, ‘Wrecking Crew’, ‘NES Open Golf’, ‘Donkey Kong Jr.’, ‘Balloon Fight’, ‘Ice Climber’, and most importantly ‘Super Mario Bros.’ are there for the taking. But only for folks who purchased the 3DS before August 2011 and connected to the eShop and updated their 3DS. Fun times.



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